Anyone with an intellectual (learning) disability is eligible to participate in the Special Olympics programme regardless of age or ability level. 

Special Olympics GB offers a full range of training and competition opportunities in summer and winter sports to all people with intelectual disabilites in Great Britain. We also have a Young Athletes Programme™ for children aged 2-7 years.

Children and adults with intellectual (learning) disabilities who participate in the Special Olympics sports programme develop improved physical fitness and motor skills, greater self-confidence and a more positive self-image. They grow mentally, socially and spiritually and ultimately discover not only new friends, abilities and talents, but their “voices” as well.

Are you interested in becoming a Special Olympics GB athlete, or know someone who is?

  1. Please check whether you are eligible as an athlete - click here
  2. Complete our online Athlete Interest Form
  3. You could also, go ahead and contact directly your nearest club,


Can get involved if I am not eligible to become an athlete?

Yes, if you are not eligible to take part in the Special Olympics programme because for instance you have a learning difficulty such as ADHD, dyspraxia or dyslexia we still encourage you to participate in our Unified Sports programme as a Unified Partner or you could also become a volunteer.




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