Chris Hull has worked in high profile positions within football and sponsorship for over 25 years. He was the Head of Communications at The Football League until 1999 and was the head of Nationwide's sponsorship operation until January 2011.

As the head of Nationwide's sponsorship and football division, Chris was responsible for the delivery of the organisation's sponsorship strategy.

Chris was responsible for identifying, negotiating and concluding all major commercial partnerships and sponsorships - including those with the four home Football Associations, television platforms and other media rights holders. In addition, Chris has relationships with some of the country’s key individuals within the media, sponsorship and sporting bodies.

He has negotiated and activated various partnerships, including: Nationwide Football League (1996 – 2004), Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (2007 – 2011), England Team Sponsor (1999 – 2010), Scotland Team Official Partner (1999 – 2010), Wales Team Sponsor (1999 – 2010) and Nationwide Mercury Music Prize (2004 – 2008).

Chris currently advises brands, governing bodies and stakeholders in sport on communication, sponsorship, event and media opportunities. Chris also broadcasts on national television and radio platforms including Sky Sports.

Chris joined Special Olympics GB’s Board of Directors in December 2010 and is now our Communications Advisor.  Chris plays football, golf, tennis and cricket and has been a referee to over 1,000 matches of football


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