Special Olympics GB’s volunteer Board of Directors is composed of business and sport leaders, professional athletes, educators and experts in intellectual (learning) disabilities.

Entrusted with governing Special Olympics GB in accordance with our charitable status and as an accredited programme of Special Olympics Inc., the Board’s key focus is on financial management and funding to enable us to successfully pursue and develop our charitable objectives.

Board of Directors


  • Ian Muir, Honorary Treasurer
  • Stan Shepherd,  Health Advisor


Honorary Board


General Counsel

  • Tanya Layng


National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is a sub-committee of the Board and is responsible for setting the priorities and overseeing the development of the Special Olympics GB sports programme. The committee is comprised of elected volunteer representatives from England, Scotland and Wales. Our current NEC representatives are;

For England

  • Chris Jones
  • Keith Wilcox


For Scotland

  • Laura Smith
  • Yvonne Anderson


For Wales

  • Jeff Savory
  • Anthony Abbott


Each one of the home countries also has its own National Council, which is made up of regional or clubs volunteer members who are voted into position by their steering groups. To find out more about our National Programme Structure, please click here.

Besides our Board of Directors, NEC  and National Councils our charity also has the following committees formed by professionals who share their time and skills voluntarily.


Development Committee

Supports the fundraising plans of Special Olympics GB, the members provide advice and help to network business contacts. Chaired by the Vice Chair of the Board, Len Dunne.

  • Len Dunne
  • Ron Cregan
  • Tom Gorman
  • Richard Henman
  • Miles MacKinnon
  • Simon Massie-Taylor
  • Mike O’Brien
  • Charles Platt
  • Kerri Podobnik
  • Rob Powell
  • Nick Scott


Marketing ‎& Communications Committee

The committee is made up of key professionals from the industry to support Special Olympics's Marketing and Communications planning.

  • Chris Hull
  • Rebecca Hargreaves
  • Charlie Druce
  • Julian Buttery
  • Sophie Pim
  • Maddelyn Sutton

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