Special Olympics GB has had a golden start to the European Games in Belgium with two of our super cyclists topping the podium on Monday 15 September.

The incredible Ruairidh Brown of East Kilbride in Scotland won the men’s 15km road race with a time of 24 mins and 15 seconds – this was the first ever gold medal to be awarded at the 2014 European Games.  “Ruairidh, congratulations, you have just made history!”, said Special Olympics GB’s CEO, Karen Wallin.

This achievement was quickly followed by a second gold by an exceptional cycling performance in the 5km women’s race by the brilliant Leanne Peters of Blanefield in Scotland.

There are also three sensational silver medals to talk about in the European Games pool for GB.  Swimmer Natalie Moon in the 400m Freestyle recorded a time of 5:37.43 for SILVER.  Meanwhile, Scott Cleaver (400m Freestyle and a time of 5:31.30) and Maria Orsi (50m Freestyle at 48.03) both attained personal best times to secure their Silver Medals.



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Special Olympics GB's Cycling Head Coach Tom A'Hara on our sensational cyclists – Click here.



Jane Warrignton, the squad Head Coach, shared:

“Collecting two Silver Medals today in the first two races of the Finals Session was brilliant. Then Maria Orsi swam a personal best time in the 50m freestyle to collect the third!”

“Scott's 400m race was a gutsy swim and very exciting to watch, leading from the start he made the other swimmers really work hard, improving his personal best time by 5 seconds in the process. Emma Birley also knocked 5 seconds off her 50m Freestyle and finished in 4th place just missing out on the bronze medal by 0.30.

“Sam and Jacqueline's finals were tough, up against some excellent competition, they showed great racing skills and match their divisioning times.”  

Other personal best were achieved by Maria Orsi, Ann-Marie, and Dylan who amazingly improved his personal best even further from yesterday.”

Aquatics Finals - Results for Day 2

  • Natalie Moon 400m Freestyle 5:37.43 - Silver
  • Scott Cleaver 400m Freestyle 5:31.30 personal best - Silver
  • Maria Orsi 50m Freestyle 48.03 personal best - Silver
  • Emma Birley 50m Freestyle 52.62 personal best - 4th
  • Dylan Thorburn 50m Freestyle 36.60 - 5th
  • Jacqueline Minchin 50m Freestyle 58.05 - 7th
  • Sam Pattinson 50m Freestyle 36.28 -  8th



Samantha Monk lost 11 - 21, 7 - 21 to. Veronica Popova (Russia) and won 21 - 7, 21 - 14 against Khrystyna Ilymova (Ukraine). Mark Goulder had the best results of the day with 2 wins First 21 - 11, 21 - 15 over Jean-Paul Genin (Belgium)  and then 21 - 7, 21 - 14 over Volodymyr Yanchuk (Ukraine). Unfortunately, Catherine Carson lost both her games first to Teyfa Musayeva (Azerbaijan) 21 - 15, 21 - 13 and then to Yelena Makeyana (Kazakhstan) 4 - 21, 11 - 21. Both opponents had one shot in their arsenals that Catherine does not have, an overhead clear, which gave them the advantage they needed.

Kerry Duncan lost a very close 3 end match 18 - 21, 21 - 16, 16 - 21 to Justyna Podolasin ((Poland) and finished the last match of the day with a win 21 - 17, 21 - 14 over Winnie Stougaard (Denmark).


Table Tennis

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  • Special Olympics GB's tremendous Table Tennis talents & coach Kevin Watt - Click here.
  • Special Olympics GB talented table tennis twins Alistair Feltham & Duncan Feltham - Click here.