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Fast Facts

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About Special Olympics GB

• Special Olympics GB is the country’s largest provider of a year-round sports training and competition programme for all people with an intellectual (learning) disability.
• Special Olympics and Paralympics are two separate organisations. Special Olympics is recognised as the third member of the Olympic family, but it is not just a sporting event. It is a year-round sport programme for people with intellectual (learning) disabilities.
• Special Olympics GB offers sports opportunities to all people with intellectual (learning) disabilities between the ages of 6 to 80 and with an IQ of 75 or less, regardless of their ability level.
• Special Olympics GB was established in 1978.
• Special Olympics GB has 8,000 athletes.
• Special Olympics GB has a dedicated army of over 4,000 volunteers.
• Special Olympics GB operates more than 150 clubs in England, Scotland and Wales.

About Learning Disabilities

• An intellectual (learning) disability is a life-long mental disability. It affects an individual’s capacity to communicate effectively, learn new information and adopt new skills.
• In Great Britain there are an estimated 1.2 million people with an intellectual (learning) disability.
200 babies will be born this week with an intellectual (learning) disability. They will face discrimination all their life.

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