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The following documents provide you with some key messages and branding guidelines to help you promote your Special Olympics activity.


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Glossary of Terms




5 year Strategy

Special Olympics GB strategic plan to improve and develop over 5 years.


A process of approving activity delivered under Special Olympics banner


A group of people and activity formed to deliver sports coaching.

Code of Conduct

A set of guidelines outlining the appropriate standards of behaviour and responsibilities to be followed.

Development (in the context of SO)/ development staff

The process of assessing, planning and improving Special Olympic ability.


Method of a group of people/ teams into ability groups for the purpose of meaningful competition.


Competitions are structured so that athletes compete with other athletes of similar ability in equitable divisions. Other factor in deciding these competitive divisions is age and gender. This process ensures a competitive and fair environment.


Having the necessary qualities or satisfying the necessary conditions in order to take part in Special Olympics activity.

Governance Documents

A document ensuring accredited activity agrees to meet minimum standard.

Home Countries

England, Scotland and Wales representatives.


A process of reviewing current information and data.

Intellectual Disability

A person is considered to have an intellectual (learning) disability for purposes of determining his or her

eligibility to participate in Special Olympics if that person satisfies any one of the following requirements:

The person has been identified as having an intellectual (learning) disability: Which is defined as ‘a condition of arrested or incomplete development of mind, which is characterised by impairment of skills manifested during the developmental period, which contribute to the overall level of intelligence, i.e. cognitive, language, motor and social abilities’


An intellectual (learning) disability is defined as ‘a condition of arrested or incomplete development of mind, which is characterized by impairment of skills manifested during the developmental period, which contribute to the overall level of intelligence, ie. Cognitive, language, motor and social abilities’


3 main characteristics of Intellectual Disability

-Find it harder to cope independently with everyday life

-IQ score of 75 or lower

-Onset before age of 18


Leaders of organisation – funding management, guidance, direction. 

Learning Disability v Learning Difficulty



The aim of Special Olympics. To facilitate access to year round inclusive training and competition for all people in Great Britain with an intellectual disability through direct provision and partnerships.

National Advisory Council

Council consisting of representatives from three home countries that exist to advise.

National Governing Bodies (of sport)

National organisation responsible for managing sport.

National Programme

All Special Olympic activity across England, Scotland, and Wales including Coaching and competition.


Structure of Special Olympic programmes involving lead organisations and multiple platforms.

Play Unified

A Special Olympics international youth led advocacy campaign being delivered across Great Britain in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to help end intolerance, especially towards young people with intellectual (learning) disabilities, through supporting unified activities on and off the field of play. 


Geographical Special Olympic Programmes supporting or leading Special Olympic coaching/ competitions across specific areas of Great Britain.

Safeguarding & Welfare

A term which is broader than ‘child protection’ and relates to the action taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Special Olympics GB has a policy to set out how all staff and volunteers (paid or unpaid), athletes and unified partners should recognise and respond to allegations of abuse of adults.

SAM registration

Special Olympic Athlete Membership sign up process for any athletes wishing to compete in competitions with SOGB

Service Level Agreements

Formal agreement to outline services being paid for.


Person, group or organisation that has interest or concern in an organisation.

Steering Group / Council

A group of stakeholders tasked with making key leadership and developmental decisions.


Ensuring a process/ long term plan exists to continue activity that takes into account a variety of non-sustainable factors.


Involvement and taking part in a sport/ activity.


Those not yet registered members of SOGB but who are taking part in SOGB activity.

Partnerships/Key Partners

Identified organisations/ individuals &/or groups that we work with and have shared goals.

Unified Partner/Unified Sports

Person with non-Intellectual Disabilities participating in inclusive unified programme.


Aspirational Goal.

Volunteer Workforce


Youth Engagement

Engagement of children and young people.


Disclosure barring service - helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups.
Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme – Scotland - membership scheme to improve disclosure arrangements for people who work with vulnerable groups. 


Motor Activity Training Programme.

Rix Wixi

Wikis are simple, accessible, secure and easy to build personal websites. It is currently being used by our athlete’s users to create multimedia person-centred plans that use pictures, words, video and sound.


Research and data that provides info.


 National Governing Body


County Sports Partnerships


Organisation/ individuals/ groups that holds stake in SOGB.


Special Olympics Europa Eurasia


National Disability Sport Organisation.


Youth Sport Trust - https://www.youthsporttrust.org/

Young Athletes

2-7 Years Old.

Motor Checklist

Checklist for motor skills.


Special Educational Needs and disability.


Young Athlete Programme




Special Olympics Ireland


Special Olympics Athlete Membership

For any further enquiries in regards to PR & Communications, please contact Elliot Forward (Communications Officer) or call 020 7375 7614.