Pennies is an innovative online or in-store electronic donation box for retailers – works for “round pound” pricing with a pre-selected micro donation suggestion relevant to customer profile.

Domino’s Pizza & Evans Cycles have supported Special Olympics Great Britain via the highly successful “Pennies” initiative for several years and the initiative has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for our organisation. As of September 2013, our charity received over £125,000 which has supported the development of our Motor Activities Training Programme (MATP), Sports Leaders training and expansion of our London delivery networks.

Other Pennies retailers include Monarch Airlines, DFS, ASK Italian, Zizzi Restaurants, Screwfix, The Fragrance Shop and Travelodge.  Retailers can be up and running with Pennies in a short space of time. It is straightforward and cost effective to implement with no implications for key elements of the payment process like PCI DSS certification



Domino’s customers raise thousands through Pennies digital charity box to support Special Olympics GB



Over £600,000 raised for young people with intellectual disabilities

Special Olympics GB is thrilled to confirm that its partnership with Domino’s and Pennies – the digital charity box – has supported the charity and over 8,000 athletes with intellectual (learning) disabilities to the tune of over £600,000 over the last five years.

Domino’s have supported Special Olympics GB since 2004 then, in December 2010 at the start of a partnership with Pennies, chose SOGB to be the main beneficiary of the innovative new fundraising platform. In total the amount raised by caring Domino's customers over those five years exceeds £632,000.

The money raised has gone towards providing more regular competition opportunities for Special Olympics GB’s thousands of athletes including supporting numerous national sports events during this time and in 2013 helped to produce a very successful National Summer Games for over 1,700 athletes in Bath.

Special Olympics GB highlights, specific projects and achievements between 2010-2016  thanks to funding from Dominos & Pennies:

  • 65 National Single Sports Competitions provided opportunities to over 3000 athletes
  • 2 European and 3 World Games where 387 athletes represented their country on a world stage
  • 1 National Summer Games – Bath 2013 with 1,700 competing athletes
  • 2011 launch of Motor Activities Programme - tutor training programmes 
  • 2012-2014 London Development Programme helping to activate new partnerships and activities across London
  • New Website with improved accessibility and brand to raise further awareness
  • Overall over the course of the support from Domino's customers – 2,500 new athletes ‎have joined the organisation, we have signed up 15 new clubs and 1,500 volunteers and we have given out over £5,000 in coach education grants to support our coaches, including athletes, to undertake courses in their sports

The generous support makes a tangible difference to the quality of the athletes’ lives.  Domino’s customers support helps the charity create new possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities and local heroes like athlete Dan Wolff (pictured white shirt in lane two on his way to winning Gold).

Dan fulfilled his dream at last year’s World Games in Los Angeles to replicate his 1936 Olympics Games gold winning great grandfather.

Daniel said: “It is the greatest thing in my life to have won a gold medal for Special Olympics Great Britain at the World Games in Los Angeles.  I pulled on inspiration from my Olympic Champion great grandfather along with my own talent to succeed in Los Angeles.

“I would like to thank Domino’s for supporting myself, Special Olympics GB and all my athlete colleagues.”

Dan is also now on the Paralympian path for a potential future Games.

Domino’s features Pennies across its sales channels – with pizza lovers offered the chance to round-up on their bill when paying by card on the company’s website, smartphone and tablet apps, and Xbox app.

Special Olympics GB is the country’s largest provider of year-round sports training and competition for adults and children with intellectual (learning) disabilities, regardless of their ability.

Karen Wallin, CEO, Special Olympics Great Britain said: “These funds have provided stability through the economic downturn which ensured the charity continued to go from strength to strength and - with increased awareness - was able to finally secure funding from the Government in 2015.

There are 1.5 million people in the country with intellectual disabilities.  Right now our 3000 volunteers help around 8,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities to gain confidence and transform their lives through sport.  This money raised by Domino’s customers, through Pennies, has helped us to support thousands of our athletes over the last five years in high-profile competitions and events. We couldn’t be more grateful to Domino’s and Pennies.”

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies, said, “We’re thrilled that Domino’s customers continue to make their pennies count for charity in their thousands every week, supported by Domino’s ceaseless drive for innovating through their digital channels.

“Special Olympics GB was the very first charity nominated by Domino’s when we launched with them in 2010 and £600,000 is a fantastic amount raised. Our strong partnership continues across their mobile, web, and Xbox apps and we thank pizza lovers for their passion for giving their small change a big purpose.”

Helen Tosney-Collins, Communications Manager at Domino’s Pizza Group, said: “We are delighted that Pennies has been so well received by our customers and it is fantastic news to hear that, together with our store and head office team members, we have raised such an incredible sum for Special Olympics Great Britain.

“As we have come to the end of our partnership with Special Olympics GB, we would like to take the opportunity to wish the charity all the very best with their future work and reiterate our continued commitment to Pennies, which is still available through our online ordering platforms.”


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