National Games

Sheffield 2017

Special Olympics Great Britain was delighted to have chosen the great city of Sheffield to host our 10th National Games from Monday 7 August until Saturday 12 August 2017.

It was the largest multi sports event to take place in GB for people with an intellectual disability.  The games went through a major undertaking involving many months of planning, organisation and fundraising.  They involved the recruitment and training of a large number of volunteers and officials.

This was the second time that the Special Olympics GB National Summer Games have been held in Sheffield – the last time was in 1993.

 Why Are The Games Important? 

  • The Games gave athletes with an intellectual disability the opportunity to achieve and to demonstrate their abilities to the community.
  • The event will attracted around 2,600 athletes with intellectual disabilities from across England, Scotland and Wales. Athletes competed in a variety of sports.
  • Through participation in this large national competition, people with an intellectual disability will acquire the confidence and social and life skills that will help their inclusion in society.
  • The games offer people the opportunity to give back to the community and make a difference when coaching, officiating and volunteering at the event.
  • Over 4 days of competition the athletes were supported by 800 coaches and 1000 volunteers and 150 officials.
  • We welcomed over 7,000 family members and friends to the stands to cheer on and celebrate our athletes.

Please find images from the National Summer Games here:

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