Cheshire East Disability Gymnasts Shine

5th July 2018

Twenty five gymnasts with disabilities took part at the Cheshire Academy special needs gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics competition held at their venue in Broad Street, Crewe.

Gymnasts with learning and physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and autism competed on floor, beam, rings single bar and parallel bars in front of an appreciative and enthusiastic audience; and a group of female gymnasts performed special Olympic rhythmic gymnastics routines which involved the use of ribbons, hoops clubs ropes and balls.

The youngest gymnast to compete was Ava Rooney, aged three, who performed on floor, springboard and beam and the oldest was 23 year old Elizabeth Cooper who has downs syndrome and is a World Special Olympic Rhythmic gymnastics champion.

Head coach Iain Chalmers was pleased with the competition and the range and abilities of those competing.
‘The lovely thing about mixing all ages together is that parents of young children are able to see the potential of their own children and to see what they could accomplish as they get older, also younger children can see the sort of skills they will be learning as they get older. It spurns them on and makes them keen to learn more difficult routines and skills’

Sally Fielding was thrilled when her 6 year old daughter Amber who has downs syndrome, collected a gold medal .
‘I was so proud of what she had achieved and to be able to watch the older competitors and see what is possible for our children was a life changing moment for me. I'm so proud we're part of the Cheshire academy.’

Head rhythmic gymnastics coach Jane Whetnall was pleased with her rhythmic gymnasts’ performances.
‘We were able to show routines being performed by absolute beginners up to world championship standard. Even the very best have to begin somewhere and it is very encouraging that we are seeing so many very young children with disabilities learning the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. It is a lovely sport and the use of colourful ribbons and hoops is something the children simply adore. I have great hopes for our gymnasts in the future.’

If your child has a disability you can contact the Broad Street Project and get details about the many classes and activities run for children with disabilities.

For more information about classes and activities call the Broad Street Project on (01270) 255355

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