Martin Brooks 24 Peak Challenge

16th May 2017

Why have I chose this challenge

Set in the Lake District one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. I’ve been to the Lakes quite a few times with Sunderland Walking Club. I’ve done single hikes climbing the peaks of Hellvellyn and Scafel Pike but these did not leave me feeling challenged enough.

I know this challenge will hurt, especially the second day but if the weather is good I think it will be worth it as the hike will take in some spectacular views.

This challenge is not just a ‘tick the box’ thing on a list for things to do. I know I will find it hard and enjoy it at the same time. It will be particularly hard as normally have a day gap between exercising and this challenge is for 2 days in a row.

I found out this challenge through a colleague at Sunderland Walking Club Richard Williams who was already considering it himself.


The Charity Special Olympics Great Britain

When mentioned at work some work colleagues offered to sponsor me and it made sense to raise some money as well where other people could benefit.

I’ve always been physically active having personally covered athletics clubs, the TA and the local gym only missing club exercise when taking my dog on decent walks.

I understand that you can benefit both mentally and physically by taking part in sport and this leads to a healthy wellbeing.

‘Special Olympics’ offers this ‘wellbeing’ by giving the opportunity for ‘special’ young people to take part in sport that normal people take for granted. It gives the opportunity to take part in competitions which offers not just the feel good factor of taking part but the sense of achievement of winning something.

At ‘Special Olympics’ you can see their members enjoying themselves.

Special Olympics covers 28 sports nationwide and in Sunderland at the Raich Carter Centre this includes Aquatics, Badminton and judo 

This is not just about the ‘Special Olympics’ sports members but is also about their families and the wider community that can see the benefits that sport brings.

To donate to Martin's great challenge, please email 

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