#TeamSOGB Updates from our Coaches - Day 1 Competitions

16th March 2019

#TeamSOGB update competition Day 1  



 Swimming Team Report by Emma Inglis 
So we had an amazing day at the pool today, three big races for the GB swim team.
First up and in the highest female division for the 400m freestyle was Erin Green - Erin swam amazingly and came 4th which is great. Loads of messages from home sending their congratulations to her.
Ciarán Kelly was up next and he smashed his 400m freestyle getting a PB as well as a gold medal (in his words I even beat Jesus) - this was an athlete in his race.
Then came the 4x25m freestyle relay - well what can I say it was an emotional rollercoaster and yes me and Paula cried because they totally smashed it knocking 6 seconds off their qualifying time and winning gold! 
What an amazing day at the pool, everything went swimmingly and they really are ready to take on the rest of the competition.

In other news Flipper met a few different delegations as well as the resident seal.
Emma and Paula did lots of crying and need therapy to get over the amazing day!

Female Basketball Report by Jazz Owen
Today the Female basketball squad played their first pool game against Bharat. The whole squad gave it their all and pulled off a fantastic 19-10 win against a very physical Indian team. Captained by Justine Kerr and Julie Freestone the squad were up 9-4 at half time and settling into a nice playing rhythm. Half time brought about a slight decline in momentum and the team struggled to find the basket, scoring only 2 points in the third quarter. However, the final quarter was a hard fought physical battle between the two sides, but Team GB returned to their first half form and continued to extend the scoreline, finishing 9 points up at the end of the game! Despite a few cuts and bruises the team are excited for tomorrow mornings game against Serbia and are keen to secure another victory on the World Stage.

 Badminton Report by Lynsey Stuart
I got James to write out some bits and bobs so here goes.
“Last night I had a great time at the opening ceremony, I felt proud and honoured to walk out with my team. It was a great ceremony, I had lots of fun, laughs and danced, I even managed to get on tv.
Today my highlight was meeting the Shriver family and had a nice chat with all of them. I also saw the male and female basketball teams win their games”.

Table Tennis Report by Steve Mcfadyen
Michael was so close to winning a really tough match against Pakistan. Michael was 2-0 and they fought back to win 3-2. Alex was next up and played beautifully against the UAE to win 3-0. Emma has been placed in a seriously tough group and fought every step of the way and pushed her Luxembourg opponent to the wire but lost 3-0. Karen won 3-0 against a Azerbaijan player and played really strong. All of that on 5 hours sleep and they all played the best I’ve seen them. Their passion and fight was incredible. Healthy athletes was great after our morning session was cancelled, A good alternative.
Football Report by Bobby Coltman
SOGB 4-0 Switzerland.
Steven Law- Bate hat trick in the first half followed by Liam Lister goal in the second half which finished off the game. Very good team performance form the lads, very solid at the back and ruthless in front of goal. The whole team is absolutely buzzing at the start of the tournament.
Big game tomorrow against Germany and hoping to make a big impact, to then be hopeful for the final day where we can do something special.
Men’s Basketball report by
#TeamSOGB win by one point
The games was really good, we started really solid in the first quarter we were up by about 10 points. The players then got a bit too comfortable an started to get a bit greedy for points and we began to lose our way and panicky. Canada came back and heated up and it became a really tight game.Towards the end we just about managed to pull it back. Man of the match was Tommy Davies and Neil Hartley played exceptionally well. All three coaches are very proud and with a big game tomorrow against USA we will have a whole new strategy.
All the players were really happy afterwards and went out with parents to celebrate. We also took others out to the local supermarket to celebrate to buy snacks!
 The Athletes that aren't competing today were enjoying the sites with family, divisioning in a variety of sports and having rest time before there competitions start in the next few day. Each day we will be providing an update on all sports that are in competition.

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