#TeamSOGB Updates from our Coaches - Day 2 Competitions

17th March 2019

#TeamSOGB Updates from our Coaches - Day 2 Competitions
Table Tennis Report by  Steve Mcfadyen
Really tough day for the team but they fought every step of the way!
Michael lost his first game 3-1 but then won 3-0 in his last game which probably means a bronze medal! His family were delighted!
Alex won his 2nd game quite comfortably but lost his last game 3-1 which we think secured him a well deserved silver medal!
Emma played two of the best players around not just in Special Olympics! She didn’t give anything away fought until the end and lost all matches 3-0. She’s 4th place in the top division and is rightly proud of playing some of her best table tennis against the toughest opponents she’s faced!
Karen lost both matches today, really close fought but we think that will be a bronze for Karen too!
Really special to have ITV with us all afternoon, they really enjoyed being in the spotlight and hopefully encouraging more people to play table tennis. Massive role models!
Great attitude and they all sum up Special Olympics in the right way!
We’ve got awards tomorrow and doubles on Monday and then that’s us done!

Swimming Report by Emma Inglis
So swimming today has been...... eventful.
Hard race for Caleb this morning in the 200m IM, where he came 5th.
Another hard race for Phil in the 50m freestyle where he came 8th.
This afternoon Shannon smashed the 100m IM coming second and getting a silver medal.

Judo Report by Jo Imrie
Today was first day of competition and we had a fantastic day with athletes putting in a great  performance. 
Skye fought 4 amazing fights, mostly winning by Ippon which achieved our first gold medal.  Christopher won silver fighting a talented pool of athletes.  He made a slight mistake in first fight but regained and dominated the competition in his others.  Denise performed amazingly achieving a bronze medal against other competitors who were much heavier and stronger than herself.
After receiving our medals we went to healthy athlete village and had our teeth checked and had minds relaxed.

All in all a great start to competition.

Tennis Report by Mel Whitehead
Good day at the tennis today. Very long day ... at the tennis centre for 13 hours! 4th place for Frances and Fiona in women's doubles, bronze for Jack and Ben in men’s doubles. Lots of long matches so didn't have time for photos, but Michelle and doc Fiona took quite a few so perhaps you could get some from them!

Ten Pin Bowling Report by Maureen Evans
The Ten Pin guys did great today by winning a bronze medal and also coming 7th place today. This is a first World games for 6 out of the 8 athletes and they just cannot believe how amazing the whole experience is.

Athletics Report by Karen Robertson
Rosa Huntington Won Gold today in the mini Javelin competition. Rosa absolutely smashed it with a pb of 13.62. Henrietta Bartlett also won Gold in the Athletics 200m event. Margaret Newell came 4th in the 1500m. The team really had a Great day all round and we hope the rest of our duration for the World Games will be as successful as today was.
Women's Basketball by Jazz Owen
An early start on court this morning for the Female Basketball squad as they took to the court to face Serbia.  A slow start saw the Serbian ladies take an early lead and by the end of the 1st quarter the GB women trailed by 8 points. The GB girls fought hard on defense in the second quarter and held the opposition to only 3 points. Despite numerous attempts the GB girls struggled to reach the rim, never mind score baskets, and finished the half trailing by 9. After a positive team talk at half time, the team came out for the third quarter raring to go and actually won the 3rd quarter 3 points to 2. Unfortunately after a hard fought game the afternoon before, the girls were exhausted and it showed by the final quarter. The Serbian opposition pulled away again to finish the game 26 - 9. An afternoon of relaxation and supporting other GB athletes, the ladies team have had an early night in preparation for their 11.50 tip against Team USA.
Bocce report by Ling Mann
David Carlin today competed in the singles competition, David did exceptionally well by Winning a match against Gibraltar 4-8. David said “Having a great crowd to support me, it gave me the boost I needed”. Today David also completed the Healthy Athletes and receiving the trainers. 
Zoe and I have had a success by watching David complete his matches.
The Highlight was having a costa hot chocolate ,Bring on tomorrow!

Men's Basketball Report by Simon Jackson Turner
Today we played Team USA in our second tournament game. We were already familiar with Team USA as we had previously met them at the Global Market pre World Summer Games Event - being the Home of Basketball, our athletes were incredibly excited to play them.
We went into this game with a different approach to our last, we wanted to remove all of the pressure from our athletes and focus on the fun side of the game - the important side.
We warmed up by playing ‘stuck in the mud’ and played fun mini games on court before the game started.
Once the game begun we took immediate control of the game and were up significantly by the end of the first quarter.
By half time USA had caught up and were only  a few points behind us.
The third and fourth quarter continued to be so close, we were never more than 3 or 4 points beyond USA.
We secured the win to end the game, the final score was 25-23.
It was an amazing effort and performance from all of our athletes and our coaching team and families are all so proud of them for what they achieved.
Equestrian Report by Julia Gourley
Fabulous first day of equestrian competition! Lucy Wrate in the A level (walk, trot and canter) Working Trails rode brilliantly, really improving on her partnership with her horse to gain Silver! Kristen Wrate was next in the A level Working Trail, Kristen rode really positively good especially when her horse was nervous of the trotting poles, and gained a Bronze! Very well done to both girls! B level (walk and trot) Working Trails tomorrow!

Artistic Gymnastics Report by Angela Turner
After a couple of long days of divisioning and competition.  The Artistic team put out some great performances on both days with the conclusion being this morning with Women’s Artistic Level one Emily Crilly.  We had gymnasts competing in every level across all apparatus.  Against some tough competition all the gymnasts performing extremely well doing themselves the coaches and GB proud.

We were able to see the fruits of our last two years of tough training with medals being won by all Level 1 and level 2 Men’s artistic.  With more result waiting in the wind tomorrow. 

Shane Baxter competed in the level 1 competition.........

Andrew Also competed in the level 1 competition.......

Sean competed in the level 2 competition....

With more results coming tomorrow we hope the gymnastics team bring home more medals for the team tomorrow.
Cycling Report by Tom O’Hara
What success have there been from the squad today.
Today was the 15km RR and 2km TT in the PM.
Using the large 4.73km circuit for the first time Ruairidh Brown had a challenging division today competing against the Ecuador riders that he raced with in LA. Ahead of the start of this 3 lap event within the staging area the riders were discussing their tactics with RB being the main challenge as far all the riders and coaches were concerned.
The race started cautiously with RB sitting near the rear of the group according to the F1 lap board display the riders’ position. On the far end of the circuit RB made his move taking the lead for some time. However, with RB being a marked man a counter action quickly occurred with riders moving off the front causing a break within the race. As the race progressed the race eventually broke up with no groups of riders sharing the work.
RB eventually accepted that he wasn’t going to win and sat up to conserve his efforts and coasted home a comfortable 5th place with his mind set on his next challenge of the 10km TT.
Kiera Byland also raced today with the 3 female riders breaking up within 50m’s of the start. Kiera took the lead and came home well clear of the second place rider taking her first gold of these games.
The PM was the 2km Time Trial requiring the riders to complete a full lap of the shorter circuit.
Natty Salter was up first with an expectation of a 7th place from the divisioning results. Natty rode a fantastic TT  improving her performance to receive a 5th place position.
Later in the day Peter Ford Spathas has his opportunity to upgrade his expected 5th place result. A great start by Peter up the hill after the start wasn’t to continue when Peter changed into a harder gear and couldn’t maintain his original pace.  Peter finished his race in 6th place and was ecstatic with his personal efforts with large 2 had winning salutes as he left the bike dismount area. A pleasure to witness.
All the riders rode with great commitment overcoming the issues with the ferocious heat on and round the Yas Marina Circuit. The team were very proud and supportive of all the athletes who competed today and joined in with everybody celebrations.
Any particular highlights of the day?
Highlight of the day was Pater again when he decided to give Natty some coaching hints within the staging and prestaging area. Peter gave Natty some great advice to “go fast as you can” what else can a coach ask of an athlete, great advice. Peter then continued to give some advice, support and comfort to a nervous Netherlands athlete.
Peter then followed up with his tactic for today “I am going down fighting for it”. The attitude of a real Special Olympics superstar and ambassador.
Any other great news you wish to share?
As a team we survived a very challenging and demanding day and as a team we have grown and strengthened to support each other.
Football Report by Bobby Coltman
Today’s result was 0-0 draw for the Great Britain football team against Germany, it was a tightly contested game by 2 well organized sides. Really pleased  that we have kept 4 clean sheets in 4 games and if we can get another clean sheet in our final game we will then be looking to go for silver or gold on the 19th.


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