#TeamSOGB Updates from our Coaches - Day 3 Competitions

18th March 2019

#TeamSOGB Updates from our Coaches - Day 3 Competitions
Cycling Report by Tom O’Hara
 Today was the 10km RR for Luke Wogan and 5km TT for Leanne Peters, Luke Wogan, Alistar Graham, Ben Jacob, Paul Scott and Derek McKenzie.
Using the short 2.25km circuit for all of Sunday’s event Luke started the day well with a fantastic ride in the M01 division of the 10km RR with the wind blowing strongly across lengths of the circuit. Luke start wasn’t the best with a poor gear selection leaving him trailing the other riders, however as the race progressed Luke continued to make up ground on the other riders before finally working himself up to second place while collecting another 2 riders to form the chase group. On the final straight Luke’s lack of experience of these events and wasn’t quick enough to react to the sprint by the other riders. By the time Luke reacted the other riders had made a clean break leaving Luke to make a fantastic charge for the finish line and come in a very respectable 4th place.
By the pm session the wind had subdued but the heat of the day was making the F1 YAS Marina circuit uncomfortable to move around within. The 5km TT was 2 laps of the short circuit with riders setting off at 30sec intervals.
First to take to the track was Leanne Peters completing her 5km event 10 seconds faster than her earlier divisioning  ride to come home a very hot and sticky 5th place. Great effort and result.
Luke Wogan was next to take on the 5km TT event. As this was Luke’s second race of the day he has had to recover from his am attempt but Luke was still able to better his morning outcome with a 3rd place bronze medal in the M02 division
Young Alistair Graham was next in Division M03. Ali rode hard and achieved his own personal goal of a gold medal at his first world games.
Division M04 was next, with close division timings it was good that we had a spread of athletes across the events with no Team GB member racing against a team mate. Ben quietly chased down the rider 30seconds ahead of him but unfortunately couldn’t make any time up on the first rider out. Ben finished the event In a fantastic Silver medal place.   
In division M07 Paul Scott was the next Team GB member to brave the heat on the 5km time trial circuit. From the divisioning times Paul had quite a few seconds to improve by to upgrade from his theatrical 6th and lowest placed in his group. Paul worked hard and gained time on the rider sitting 30 and 60secs ahead to come in a fantastic 4th place, a superb result improving his previous time by a full 16seconds.
The final rider of the day was Derek McKenzie in Div M12. Derek ranking for his division was 5th however inspired by the others Derek climbed his rankings to achieve his bronze medal with a time of 10min 19 seconds an improvement of 35seconds over his divisioning time.
Overall the cycling achieved a tally of 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze, 2 4th and 1 fifth place today.
With the wind and heat of the day today has a challenge for the cycle team and the highlight of the day was watching the team and families support each other deal with all the challenges the day.


Judo Report by Jo Imrie
SOGB Judo had another successful day by achieving another 2 medals!
Harrison competed wonderfully winning a silver medal in the morning session by winning 2 fights by Ippon. Unfortunately he did lose against a very strong opponent from the Netherlands but his effort and performance was amazing.
Similarly, Liam won his contests against the French and Swedish competitors but lost to talented athletes from Estonia and Azerbaijan, resulting in a bronze medal.
Later on we revisited the healthy athlete village to continue our checks at the hearing clinic.

Badminton squad report by James Wyatt and Lyndsey
James Wyatt
“ I won my badminton match today against the Isle of Man, I had a large crowd of athletes and coaches supporting me, it was fantastic and I hope I can get that again. My fantastic other news is that I got to meet the great Peter Gade and Wang Yihan who are badminton legends and got their autograph. This has been an amazing World Games so far and to top it of GB team are in top position of the medal table which makes me proud of my team.”
Lynsey ( head coach )
James had an outstanding game today against Isle of Man, I think with the crowd behind him just made him even more adamant to win, it was an amazing atmosphere and experience for him so thank you to all who took the time to support James. Tomorrow he’s got a tough game against Oman who he hasn’t played before so we are both nervous and excited but after today’s buzz I think he’s ready.”
Equestrian report by Julia Gourley
Fantastic day for the equestrians with 3 golds, and a bronze! First up was T- Jay who rode a super fluent round in the B level Working Trails to win Gold. Next was James who had a super round until the horse refused to go near the camera tower, James rode really tactfully to give the horse confidence to then get passed it and continue the rest of the course resulting in Gold! Marie rode a lovely round to gain Bronze, showing lots of patience with her horse. In the afternoon Tom rode a fantastic confident showjumping rode to win Gold! Jumping a strange horse round a course of fences is a real challenge and needs lots of confidence and positivity. This was particularly well done as there were many problems for other horses and riders round the course with quite a few falls throughout the afternoon!


Golf Report by Jamie Mcdonald
Golf got going today with the first of two divisioning days. With a constant wind blowing at between 40 / 50mph for most of the day, Frank & I thought that we would be rebuilding confidence within the team tonight. Not a bit of it - each player performed heroics in the circumstances bringing home fantastic scores - very proud of & happy for them. Day two hopefully is a little more benine, with less sand blowing about.

Swimming report by Emma Inglis
Cracking day at the pool today.
Caleb smashed the 200m free and knocked almost 20 seconds off his time. He won Gold!
Sophie did great in her 50m breast - it was a very close race and she knocked 2 seconds off and won Bronze.
Caleb swam great in the 1500m free and knocked 50 seconds off winning silver!
Erin swam great in the 1500m free, another tough race and also won silver!
Coaches have cried, laughed, cheered and lost their voices.

Athletics Report by Karen Robertson
Today was a tough day at the track for team GB. We started off with Darren Carruthers in his 1500 early this morning before the heat. Darren started well in their race and had a good pace throughout. Darren was doing well un till an unfortunate trip with 300 meters to go. Darren was determined to cross the finish line and he carried on the eve to finish in 5th place. In the afternoon we saw the shot out competitions take place. First up was Hannah Kemp in the F3 category. Hannah's first throw smashed her PB from divisioning and made a new one of 6.36. Hannah second throw was slightly off her pb and unfortunately she got a foul in her third. This meant that Hannah finished 5th place with a matching distance to 4th place and a meer 1cm off third place.
Next we had Tamara McIlwean in the F14 category. Tamara's top throw was 5.10 and this got her a bronze medal for third place in her category.
Last up today we had Adam who took on the 200m race. Adam who has been fighting off a cold for the past week, ran his heart out and never gave up. Being in such a fast final meant it was very difficult for Adam, but he kept fighting right to the end and finished in 7th place today.
Artistic Gymnastics Report by Angela Turner
Today was the second and final day of artistic gymnastics presentation- and what a day it was! Great Britain are the only team in the Games with a full spectrum of competitors in artistic gymnastics. We had gymnastics at every single level in both men’s and women’s events. And we won medals in EVERY SINGLE ONE!
Highlights included Lauren Douce who was crowned level 4 all around champion in the highest level and highest division available in gymnastics. Total star of the competition- she also won 3 other golds and a silver.
In level 3 Women’s Artistic we had gymnasts in two age group classifications. Bethany Paull has missed the opening ceremony due to illness but managed to bounce back to win 3 golds and 2 silvers. Cailiegh had also had a tough lead in to the competition with injury but performed the very best she could and won two golds and a bronze.
For level 2 we had two gymnasts competing in the women’s competition. Jessica Viera won 3 silvers and 2 bronze. Bella Van Velsen had a tough classification group but still managed to perform excellently and was 5th overall and 4th on vault.
Emily Crilly was our level 1 women’s artistic gymnast who stole the show with her medal
Celebrations! She was absolutely delighted and so were we! 2 golds and 3 silver for Emily!
On the men’s side we had some equally awesome results today. Aaron won 5 golds and 2 silvers in Level 4. Matthew and Alistair had a large and very competitive competition at level 3 but both managed to come away with medals - Matthew with 2 golds and 4 silver and Alistair with a bronze and a silver!
What an amazing day and the coaches Ana families very much enjoyed watching the guys be awarded for all their efforts over the past few years!

Women’ Basketball Report by Jazz Owen
Fantastic game of basketball against Team USA this morning. Our girls tried out a new defensive tactic and held the USA side up in the mid court with fantastic pressure on the ball from Justine, Charlotte, Hannah and Ashley Ann, forcing turnover after turnover. Unfortunately we couldn't sink our baskets and finished the first quarter 0-0. The second quarter brought about the same high defensive pressure from the GB ladies keeping the opposition to only 1 basket. Again, we were still unable to find the ring, but finished the half 3-2 up. Entering the 2nd half up against a strong USA team gave the GB side a huge boost and all subs came on raring to go. Team USA however had wised up to our tactics and a few long passes put both them ahead in points and our team in foul trouble by the end of the third. The 4th quarter saw Julie fouled out after playing hard help defense for all of the game and Abbie and Ashleyann step up to guard the key in her place. After such intense defensive pressure in the first half, our ladies struggled to keep up the intensity and team USA continued to increase their lead throughout the 4th. Unable to put away our shots, despite fantastic scoring opportunities, we just couldn't chase the score and ended the game 8 - 16 down against TEAM USA.

Bocce report by Zoe Irving and David Carlin (Athletes)
Zoe said “My success and highlight of the day was winning my first game against Costa Rica 6-12, I reached the 12 points in 15 minutes. I would like to thank the supporters for cheering me on and my mum and Dad.
David said “My highlights were seeing the crowd from GB supporting me during the game against host country UAE and also getting my 4th place ribbon. Thanks for all the good luck and well done messages.


Basket Ball (Mens) Report by Simon Jackson-Turner
In our final pool game we played the unbeaten Israel.We started strong in the first quarter and controlled the tempo of the game, however Israel over powered us and took the lead.Israel maintained a close lead throughout the game and finished the to beat us 24-20.If the game was two minutes longer I feel that we could have pulled past them in the end.My personal highlight of the game was Daniel Bernard scoring his first basket of the competition which turned out to be a beautiful deep 3 pointer in the third quarter.
Tennis Report by Mel Whitehead
France won a silver medal in singles the yesterday. All others played first matches so no more medals decided. Lily and Ryan won their first mixed doubles and Ryan, Ben and Jack all won their first singles.

 Ten Pin Bowling Report by Maureen Evans
"Our Ten Pin Bowling team are having so many smemories that will last a lifetime for them has already been created. in the singles competition Michelle Moran Won Silver in her game, Sarah Anderson Won Bronze in her game, Natalie Francis came 5th in her game, Rebecca Starling came 7th in her game and Ebi Eftekhar came 8th.
The athlete have already made friendships that will last a lifetime!

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