Athlete Leadership

“I feel I can now be honest about my strengths, my own limitations and about how I learn best”
Kiera Byland - Athlete Leader

Through sport, Special Olympics empowers people with intellectual disabilities to experience self-confidence, accomplishment and success. As their lives begin to open up, athletes seek new challenges.

Building Self Confidence

The Athlete Leadership Programme provides a way for athletes to showcase their talents and interests, undergo training and learn new skills.   The Programme gives Special Olympics athletes the opportunity to take on new roles and responsibilities, on and off the sports field.

These roles give athletes a chance to:

  • Experience governance and become self-advocates (as members of Athlete Committees, Athlete Representatives and Board members)
  • Share their sports experience with other athletes (as Coach Assistants)
  • Represent other Special Olympics athletes as public speakers or as Ambassadors
  • Learn new skills they can apply to Special Olympics, as volunteers, media representatives etc.

The programme prepares Special Olympics athletes for inclusion into society at large, increasing their chances to live independently, to make new friends or to find a job.