Motor Activities Training Programme

The Motor Activity Training Programme (MATP) is a unique programme specifically designed for individuals with profound, multiple learning disabilities and complex health needs to gain access to meaningful physical activity and sport.

MATP Training-  8 to 12-week training period which culminates in an event called an MATP Challenge. During the training athletes work on motor skills from 4 categories: Mobility (Gross Motor Skills), Dexterity (Fine Motor Skills), Striking (Upper Body Skills) and Kicking (Lower Body Skills). Within these areas athletes work on motor skills that are pertinent to the individual and their overall motor development.

MATP Challenge Event- An event with a specific structure providing athletes with an opportunity to represent their club and show case the skills that they have developed over the training period.

Benefits of MATP- MATP provides genuine opportunities for training and competition for people with PMLD and complex needs. Opportunities are realistic and tailored to the individual. It focuses on the abilities and enables athletes to work and showcase motor skills and sporting achievements that are relevant to the individual. Participation in training and regular sessions focused on motor skill development and training increases physical activity leading to improvement in motor skills, physical fitness and functional ability. It provides opportunities; to perform sports activities, develop a more positive self-image through skill acquisition, greater family interaction through sport and opportunity to develop friendships with other athletes, family members and engagement within their community.

MATP Development- nationally MATP is developing at an increased rate with thanks form the Masonic Charitable foundation and the Peter Harrison Foundation for their grants to enable this programme to grow. There are now numerous clubs across the country and we have experienced MATP tutors trained and providing workshops across the country.

For more information or to discuss MATP please contact or Helen Derby on 07920 827114