Road To Victory

The Special Olympics GB campaign, Road to Victory, is an invitation to our supporters to challenge themselves to achieve victory either through sport (like running a marathon or taking part in an obstacle race) or organising a bake sale, or running an Office Olympics day at work. The founding concept is that at every training session, at every competition, and indeed every day of their lives, our athletes face their own challenges and are on their own personal Road to Victory. It's a call to support them by you or your supporters taking your own personal Road to Victory!

The Road to Victory has challenge events and organised races across the country with varying levels of difficulty. For example, a  race might include entries for half-marathon, 10k, and 5k distances. Some organisers have a variety of locations, too. The Road to Victory campaign is not limited to the events listed, and is there to encourage you to go further that you thought possible, thus highlighting the inspiration our athletes generate. 

Once you have chosen your challenge, please visit the event organisers website to secure a place in the race.

We love sport and we know you do too!

Each of our 10,000 athletes is on their own personal Road to Victory to overcome the challenges and exclusion they experience daily. Support them on their journey by undertaking your own Road to Victory challenge.

Road to Victory is a fundraising initiative with a difference.

It’s all about pushing your boundaries and achieving a new victory. Be that your own personal victory, victory for your team at work and of course, victory for our athletes.

We know that the choice of fundraising events can sometimes be bewildering which is why we’ve done the leg work and hand-picked over 50 great sporting challenges - forming a “road" around the country - that offer something for everyone from the super sporty to the complete beginner, as well as for both individuals and teams.

Are you ready to take your own Road to Victory? 

1. Select an event from the range of sports, distances, locations and times of the year – or choose your own!
2. Pick one or more then challenge everyone at work, your friends and family to enter too.
3. Register directly at the event website to secure your place(s).
4. Set up a fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving.

Once you have chosen your Road to Victory challenge from the list above, remember  to set up your fundraising page. Thank you!