Our Social Enterprise 

In November 2021, Special Olympics GB took its first step as an organisation into establishing its own Social Enterprise with the introduction of a new Special Olympics GB athlete led online art business called Niall Guite - ‘Art with a Special Goal’.

Among one of the first Social Enterprise within the Special Olympics movement, it was watching Niall’s idea and story grow and thrive made us want to do more to support him and the entrepreneurial skills of our athletes, hence our move into Social Enterprise.

The aim of our Social Enterprise is for our athletes to receive as much of the profit as possible. Any profit received by Special Olympics GB will be re-invested into the development of further Athlete Leadership and Social Enterprise projects for other Special Olympics GB athletes and to help provide more employment opportunities for more of our athletes.

With 94% of people with an intellectual disability not in paid employment [1] this idea not only helps provide more meaningful employment opportunities for more of our athletes like Niall it also demonstrates what people with intellectual disabilities can achieve through transferable skills gained through our Athlete Leadership programme with the right help.

Special Olympics GB continually looks to provide opportunities for our athletes to showcase their skills and talents both on and off the field of play and this is only just the beginning of our Social Enterprise journey.

If you know of a Special Olympics GB registered and active athlete with a business idea, please contact Tom Casson on tom.casson@sogb.org.uk.

And if you’d like to read more about Niall and his amazing story – please click HERE.

[1] Here