Partner with Us

We are looking for Partners who share a sense of social responsibility and who want to make a material difference in creating a more inclusive world for all. 

In today’s world, there is an opportunity to add transformational value to a Partners business whilst also delivering positive societal change.

Our approach is to build a commercial partnership in collaboration with our Partners. We take a flexible approach on how this is done to best enable significant returns for our Partners, whilst also delivering a successful, sustainable and innovative partnership. 

Through an Official Partnership with Special Olympics GB you can: 

•    Make a difference to the lives of more than 6,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities and help us reach more of the 1.5 million people who live with intellectual disabilities across Scotland, England Wales today
•    Have local stores or offices linked to our 95 local Special Olympics GB clubs and athletes for local community activity and employee involvement
•    Benefit from an experienced and dedicated account management team with fundraising, volunteer management and communications support
•    Have branding and partnership activation opportunities from regional to national and international competitions
•    Expect invitations to an assortment of competitions, events, receptions and ceremonies
•    Enjoy the potential involvement of our celebrity ambassadors in high profile fundraising activities
•    Associate with an established, high profile global organisation, present in 200 countries and with a powerful social message
•    Co-create bespoke marketing and fundraising campaigns to address some of the major societal issues in our world and country today, such as social inclusion, health, education and skills development

If you’re interested in joining a GB charity and global movement that stands for inclusion, health, happiness and positive societal change,  transforming lives for those living with intellectual disabilities, all delivered through the power of sport, please contact the Corporate Fundraising Team

“Special Olympics is an organisation that has successfully opened the hearts  and minds of the world to people with intellectual disabilities, including so many of us at Kerry, through our interactions and experiences with athletes. I’m incredibly proud of our partnership to date and look forward to building on the momentum.”
By Edmond Scanlon, CEO Kerry Group


“Special Olympics GB were selected in a company-wide vote and we were all hugely inspired by their commitment to promoting inclusion, equality and acceptance. We’re proud to be giving back in this way, especially during these uncertain times for societies across the world.”
By Gareth Balch, CEO Two Circles