Family and Carer Support

The benefits from taking part in sport both physically and mentally are well known, but Special Olympics GB is so much more than just a sport organisation – we genuinely transform lives.  Not only does Special Olympics GB transform the lives of our athletes, we also transform the lives of their loved ones and our volunteers. 

With a focus on ability and not disability, Special Olympics GB offers hope, inspiration and an incredible support network to families across Scotland, England and Wales where the achievements of our athletes, be they big or small, are celebrated, problems can be shared with plenty of advice on hand should it be needed.  

Through sport we provide opportunities for our athletes to make friends, learn social skills, feel part of a community, increase confidence and self-esteem, realise potential, develop physical fitness and mental well-being, demonstrate courage and experience joy and pride. And above all, for both athletes and their families – to have some FUN!

Having a family member or caring for someone with intellectual disabilities can sometimes introduce new and different challenges for family units. Getting involved with Special Olympics GB gives families and carers a chance to meet others who are going through or have been through similar challenges.

Our clubs offer an amazing network that connects experienced Special Olympics GB family members and friends with families and friends new to Special Olympics, which can provide support and information in times of critical need. 

Here are just a handful of stories from some of our inspirational Special Olympics GB families!