Throughout the year and every year Special Olympics GB athletes have the opportunity to take part in single-sport and multi-sport competitions locally and regionally all across Great Britain.

Also, every four years our athletes also have the chance to compete in our National Games as well as in European and World Summer and Winter Games.

The Special Olympics competition programme is non elite and is open to all abilities thanks to an inclusive divisioning system which offers athletes with intellectual (learning disabilities) the opportunity to compete among those with similar ability.  

Any Special Olympics athlete from the age of eight has the opportunity to take part in local, regional, national and international level Special Olympics competitions in a variety of 28 sports.

Inclusive competition pathway

Special Olympics offer to all its athletes a progressive and fair competition pathway, in which an athlete cannot progress up to the next level without having competed in previous levels. For example and athlete cannot take part at a national competition without having competed in local and regional events first.

A unique banding system

Special Olympics uses a system of ‘divisioning’ that is almost unique in the sporting world. Divisioning groups athletes with similar levels of performance together for competition, giving people of all abilities opportunities for success and achievement.

Special Olympics it is much more than Games and Competitions. The core of our work around the country is delivered by qualified sport coaches who provide training throughout the year in 150 clubs in England, Scotland and Wales.

Each athlete has to complete a minimum of 26 weeks of sports training before being eligible to take part in a competition.

We offer a year-round competition programme to all our athletes. They have the opportunity to take part in local, regional, national and international competitions.